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Roadhouse Blues

Welcome to my very own web site!
Check out the If you build it they will come page for updates on my recovery


I'm 27 32 years old and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was drugged and raped when I was 21 and started this site because I thought it'd be a good outlet for me, while helping others who have been through something similar to see that they aren't alone.  I tried the "ignore it and it'll go away" approach for a few years, and that didn't work :)  So I got into some group therapy with other survivors, and that helped tremendously!  
But recovery is really a life-long process, because the trauma doesn't go away, you only learn how to deal with it and it becomes less intrusive.  You stop spending your time lamenting what it's done to you, and can once again focus on being the beautiful person you are, and spreading that sunshine to those around you :)

7/10/08 - I don't know what to say! I haven't been able to log back in to update this site in 5 years! I kept trying to get my password emailed to me or reset and it never worked! Now I can, and I don't know what to do... I'll work on that and get back to ya.

So thanks for cruising by!  Most of the content is geared towards helping other survivors deal with the aftermath of rape, but I've also added a page called "What to say" for those who know someone that has been attacked.  You don't want to say the wrong thing, so I've gathered some info to help you help them - or at least not make them feel any worse than they already do :)


Some quotes that help keep my attitude in check

"Optimism makes the losers competent and the adequate brilliant."

"We are like tea bags - we don't know our own strength until we are in hot water."

"Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it -- even if I have said it -- unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense." ----Buddah

"Failure is not the falling down, but the staying down."

"The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance, the wise man grows it under his feet." ---- James Oppenheim

If there was no author specified, the author is unknown. Please contact me if you can identify the author of any of the above quotes as they deserve acknowledgement.

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If you've been raped, please visit RAINN to find a Rape Crisis Center near you. The call is free, you don't have to commit to anything - at the very least just call the crisis line and chat with whoever's on the other end of the line and I guarantee you'll feel better.

This site is a work-in-progress, but I hope to fill in all the pages with all kinds of fun, interesting, deep stuff :) I just love this little doggie!


We must each discover our own truth.

It does not help us if those we love find their truth. They cannot give it to us. It does not help if someone we love knows a particular truth in our life. We must discover our truth for ourselves.

We must each discover and stand in our light.

We often need to struggle, fail, and be confused and frustrated.

That's how we break through our struggle; that how we learn what is true and right for ourselves.

We can share information with others. Others can tell us what may predictably happen if we pursue a particular course. But it will not mean anything until we integrate the message and it becomes our truth, our discovery, our knowledge.

There is no easy way to break through and find our truth. But we can and will, if we want to.

We may want to make it easier. We may nervously run to friends, asking them to give us their truth or make our discovery easier. They cannot. Light will shed itself in its own time.

Each of us has our own share of truth, waiting to reveal itself to us. Each of us has our own share of the light, waiting for us to stand in it, to claim it as ours.

Encouragement helps. Support helps. A firm belief that each person has truth available - appropriate to each situation - is what will help.

Each experience, each frustration, each situation, has its own truth waiting to be revealed. Don't give up until find it - for yourself.

We shall be guided into the truth, if we are seeking it. We are not alone.

Today, I will search for my own truth, and I will allow others to do the same. I will place value on my vision and vision and the vision of others. We are each on the journey, making our own discoveries - the ones that are right for us today.

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